Manicgrin Media Ltd

Manicgrin Media

Manicgrin Media is a film, marketing and new media production company based in South East England.

Our primary focus is to delivery quality websites, feature films, and digital publications, and we work an array of high class talent to achieve this.

Andy Coughlan - Director

Manicgrin Media Ltd. is registered in England and Wales with number 08127947

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The New Accelerator

The New Accelerator is a Science Fiction Anthology app, published on iOS and Android. The bi-monthly publication contains exciting new stories from the best Sci-Fi writers around the world.

In Production

All in a Day's Work

Starring Mark Benton, our short film of two hit men trying to psychologiclly outwit each other is availble to watch on Amazon Prime.

In Development

Measure for Measure

Measure for Measure is a Sci-Fi adaptation of Shakespeare's dark comedy.

Our production transports the tale of love, lust and retribution from 16th Century Vienna to 22nd Century Mars. Here, trapped beneath a bio-dome, the citizens of Vienna struggle about their daily lives, short on space and supplies, while the evil Lord Angelo and the saintly Isabella come to blows over the very life of Isabella's brother, Claudio.

Robert Rankin

We are lucky enough to have developed a working relationship with best-selling author and father of Far-Fetched Fiction, Robert Rankin. We have adapted his novel, The Mechanical Messiah and Other Marvels of the Modern Age, into mini TV series, and are currently developing his classic novel, The Book of Ultimate Truths, into a feature film.


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